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Liquiro, Manfredi

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Branches and roots that caress the ground and embrace each other in the earth to give rise to new roots. A magical intertwining that has lasted for centuries and that only in Calabria takes on a bitter-sweet taste. Licorice makes the voice velvety, caresses the stomach and does not need additives: all its natural power is transformed into a refined and intense flavor to become Liquirò Manfredi. Our licorice liqueur, dense and with a persistent aroma, celebrates the magical encounter between man and nature and inspires you to experiment with new dimensions of taste. The pure licorice roots we use for Liquirò are supplied by the historic Amarelli factory in Rossano (CS): two brands that meet just like the roots of the plant and give life to a product that expresses the richness of a territory. € 13.90 Format: Bottle 50 cl Alcoholic degree: 26%