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1915 Annodomini Terre Di Cosenza DOP
1915 Annodomini Terre Di Cosenza DOP
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1915 Annodomini Terre Di Cosenza DOP

Classification: Terre di Cosenza D.O.P. - Donnici area;
Typology: red wine;
Bottles Produced: 3.000;
Production Area: Donnici is a small village in the south of the town of Cosenza, in Calabria region; it is a hilly area between the Crati and Savuto rivers;
Grape Variety: native grapes, Magliocco, Greco Nero and Malvasia;
Method of Cultivation: traditionally alberello;
Production per Hectare: intentionally reduced to 50 tons per/H;
Harvesting Period: from the end of September to middle October; Vinification System: after harvesting, the grapes are left to wither for a few weeks, then the grapes are pressed softly, finally a long contact with the skins;
Alcoholic Fermentation: in steel at controlled temperature;
Refining Methods: in steel for about six months, then in Rovere (durmast) barriques for other twelve months, then twelve months in bottle, so that the wine becomes soft and elegant;
Organoleptic Features
Colour: is a red of sumptuous intensity, the reflexes are grenade, due to the
natural evolution in bottle;
Scent: to the nose is a very complex wine, intense and persistent, evident are the hints of red berries, spicy tobacco and vanilla, due to judicious aging in barrique; Taste: the taste is fine but firm, warm, full-bodied, well-structured, soft and elegant reasonably tannic;
Gastronomic Coupling: is a great wine, a meditation wine, pairing, in these cases is totally subjective;
Serving Temperature: in order to exalt the organoleptic characteristics, to serve at 18-20 ° C., after appropriate and necessary oxygenation;
Alcohol: 14,5 % vol.
CL 75
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